Is Merril Hoge Serious?


February 5, 2013 4:54 PM by Billy Heywood


Come’on Merril!

I am stunned that hes still an ESPN analyst…Flacco is the best QB in the League? That’s a fucking stretch.

My Top 5 QBs in the NFL:

5. Matt Ryan- Dominates the air on the regular, but is the anti-clutch.

4. Peyton Manning- The guy comes off a huge neck surgery, and comes right back into the NFL like nothing ever happened.

3. Drew Brees – Guy averages 325+ yards and 3 TD’s a game…AT LEAST. Throws the lights out of the Superdome…LaWLz

2. Aaron Rodgers- Hes dangerous in the pocket, and even more dangerous on the run.

1. I hate Tom Brady with a fiery passion, but he is the best QB in the NFL. The guy gets my vote on respect alone.

Flacco being #1 is absolutely pathetic. Merril should worry less about his windsor knots and worry more about his analyzing of QBs

2 thoughts on “Is Merril Hoge Serious?

  1. Brian Billick says:

    He won the super bowl which means he is far more superior than his peers

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