I Have a Serious Problem With the Mr. Lid Commercial

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February 4, 2013 2:45 PM by Smash

So this commercial comes on the other day and from the start I knew it was about to be a disaster. So how do we handle something like this? Well it down frame by frame wherever I found a problem with the ad.

For starters, I’m 99.9% positive this woman is braindead:

Mr. Lid 1

Oh the one lid was way too big and that one was too small? Did you have to put them up to the container to figure that out? No…no you didn’t. But you did, and that is why I believe you are braindead.

Next we’ve got the smell test:

Mr. Lid 2First of all, clean your fucking fridge. Thing is a mess. Secondly, I don’t think it’s the containers fault the food is bad. Maybe eat it in a timely manner? No shit your food smells, your fridge looks like it belongs on Hoarders.

More evidence this woman is a fucking slob:

Mr Lid 3

On to her gripping motion:

Mr. Lid 4You’ve dropped two items, toots. Just a suggestion, if you’re going to take something out of the fridge, especially one that may spill, don’t grip it like a fucking idiot. Braindead count: 3.

And now, the cooler fumbling:

Mr Lid 5You know who packed that cooler right? Obviously braindead mom. Must have greased those bad boys up before packing everything cause it’s JUST SO SLIPPERY!

Now I know infomercials aren’t supposed to be award winning productions. However, this one is just so fucking bad. Not only that but the product is also terrible. All I keep thinking about is the nightmare it would be to wash these. Either way, bad commercial, bad product.

Sidenote – How does one get hired to be the star in an informercial? Regardless, there’s a whole other post coming later dedicated to a similar topic.


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