Super Bowl 47 Predictions


February 3, 2013 1:02 PM by Smash

Super Bowl 47Well, today is the day. Today’s the day of the Super Bowl that most of us don’t care about. If you haven’t bet on this game, then you really won’t give a shit about the outcome. Anyway, all of us here made some predications of what the final will be and who will be crowned MVP. Here we go.

Smash: Ravens 24 49ers 20. MVP: Ray Lewis. He won’t have an MVP type game at all but he’s going to get it simply because he’s retiring. It will be a nauseating Ray Lewis fest filled with Psalms and fake tears.

Billy Heywood: Ravens 24 49ers 21. MVP: Joe Flacco.

Dips: 49ers 24 Ravens 14. MVP: Colin Kaepernick. He will have a TD on the ground, on his arm and a running TD. FG to end 1st qt. Ravens score on Boldin TD and the RB that isn’t Rice will score.

TeddyKGB: Ravens 31 49ers 28. MVP: Joe Flacco.

Dick Pepperfield: 49ers 31 Ravens 24. MVP: Colin Kaepernick.


One thought on “Super Bowl 47 Predictions

  1. woah, Dips really knows his football knowledge…”He will have a TD on the ground, on his arm and a running TD.” Uh you mean 2 rushing touchdowns? Woof

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