Is This the Worst Consolation Prize Ever?

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January 31, 2013 11:30 AM by Billy Heywood

oscar-sweatshirts-a-l-jpg_174436Yahoo – If Hollywood really is high school with money, then the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon is when stars get their letterman jackets.

At this year’s Feb. 4 event, 150-plus nominees will shuffle alphabetically across the stage to receive a certificate, after which an Academy official will hand them a sweatshirt emblazoned with the Oscar logo and the word “nominee.” The tradition dates to at least 1988, when then-AMPAS president Richard Kahn began handing them out.

Sound engineer Greg Russell, now nominated 16 times, still has 14 of his previous 15 sweatshirts (a guest at a Fourth of July party walked away with one). He has seen the styles and designs change through the years — crewnecks, hoodies, fleeces in blacks, whites and greens — but remains partial to his first, a white sweatshirt that includes the names of all the nominees (though it’s “a bit snug now,” he says).

In fact, that first year — he was nominated for 1989’s Black Rain — he wore the sweatshirt to work the next day and got his picture snapped with Jack Nicholson. Russell admits to still being “giddy” when he gets his gift. “It feels like adolescence all over again,” he says. “Like you’re really part of a graduation class.”

Being nominated for an Oscar is a huge deal. It’s similar to being in the running for MVP. Over the years, there has been obvious and not so obvious Oscar winners, as well as blatant Oscar snubs.

I always thought that being nominated, but not winning (an award as prestigious as an Oscar) was the worst thing in the world. But I was certainly wrong. Imagine getting a shitty fucking fleece that says “nominee”? How much of a kick in the nutsack is that? I’d rather get a giftcard, or hell, GIVE ME NOTHING! I didn’t win, so I don’t deserve a consolation prize.

And the fact that he still gets “giddy” when he loses just pisses me off even more. “It feels like adolescence all over again.–Like you’re really part of a graduation class.” A sweatshirt/fleece is the worst consolation prize. I mean, if it were a tank top, I would fucking love it.

News-flash hombre, the winners bring the hardware home, and you are stuck with a dumb as crew neck pullover that says “Nominee” when it should read “runner up”, “loser” or “at least I was nominated…”. Thats whats wrong with society. We worry to much about hurting the loser’s feelings because they didn’t win, rather than encourage competition…


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