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January 31, 2013 4:30 PM by Smash

Wrong Jersey at Game

We’re going to start doing this weekly, asking “is it ok?” to topics that I ask myself everyday. These are common occurrences that need to be addressed. You may or may not agree with us, but if you’re gonna bitch, at least say why. So to kick it off, we’re tackling this: Is it ok to wear your teams gear to a sporting event they’re not playing in? (I.e. wearing a Redskins jersey to a Raiders vs. Chargers game).

Being from New York, I’ve noticed this my entire life. If you’ve ever been to a Mets game, you’ve seen the assjockeys wearing a Yankees jersey in the stands. He’s usually fat and aggressively rooting for whatever team the Mets are playing. Worst part it’s usually a Babe Ruth jersey with #3 “Ruth” on the back. Vomit inducing.

But this is a problem in every stadium across the country. People roll up to a game with their teams shit on and they’re not even playing in the game. This move has always been baffling to me. Why people can’t just go to a game to enjoy the sport or the teams playing is beyond me. I’ve found most of these people are solely fans of their team, and not the sport…which is fine but come on.

There are a few, very specific instances where I think this is ok:

1. Your team is playing in a big game at the same time.
2. Going to a different sport of another team you’re a fan of (Wearing a Blackhawks jersey to a Bulls game.) Completely acceptable.
3. This is flirting with not ok but a hat can pass. Not a New Era flat brim though, those never pass unless they’re being worn on the field.

Bonus: wearing random sports gear of teams you don’t actually root for.

I’m walking around the office last week and a guy is wearing a Blackhawks shirsey. I start talking to him about the season and the team and gives me a “oh, I’m not actually a fan, I just have the shirt.” What the fuck is that move all about? If you’re a guy wearing any sort of team gear, you better be prepared to talk to a complete stranger about that team. Guy 101. And again, wearing flat brim, sticker still on hats because “you like the colors/they match your outfit” is a one way ticket to getting your penis cut off. Might as well wear a pink hat and call it a day.

Oh and by the way, the Hartford Whalers aren’t a team anymore and they’ll never be back. Don’t think I’ve met one person wearing Whalers gear that used to actually be a fan.

So is it ok? No…no it’s not. If you think it is, I’d really love to hear why.

5 thoughts on “Is It Ok? – Sports Gear

  1. TeddyKGB says:

    I’m gonna be the guy to disagree here.

    When I went to a Jets @ Bengals game, I proudly wore my Giants Jersey. I love the NFL, but shit, I’m gonna wear MY teams Jersey. I wasn’t ever loudly rooting against the Jets or anything like that. Also, #2 on your list is ONLY acceptable when its in the same town as the team. Like wearing a Red Sox hat to a Celtics game. However, wearing a Colts jersey to a Mets game… NO.

    The thing I 100% agree on is: “wearing flat brim, sticker still on hats because “you like the colors/they match your outfit” is a one way ticket to getting your penis cut off.”

    While in Boston, my girlfriend (she is from Cincinnati) and I saw a dude with a Reds hat on. We asked the question: “Are you from Cincinnati??” The reply… “No, I just like the hat.”

    Wanted to seriously punch the kid in the face. Instead, I seriously looked at him with the most uncontrollable blank stare and he eventually walked away.

    Gentleman– If that is why you are wearing the hat… at least fucking LIE. “Rolled out of bed and threw my roomates hat on to cover up bed-head”, or perhaps, “My cousins live there”… whatever. This is definitely a penis-cut-off-worthy offense.

  2. Smash says:

    What’s wrong with wearing jeans and a polo? Just go in your everyday clothes. Why do you HAVE to wear your teams shit? Your team isn’t/wasn’t playing then, just enjoy the game.

  3. wrong wrong wrong. If you go to Yankees/ RedSox game, you should only wear NYY or BOS gear. No other sport no other team is acceptable. Why go to a game of another team that you arent a fan of? to watch it. So don’t throw your team into the mix if they aren’t playing. The whole chicago blackhawks jersey at a bulls game was retarded logic.

    My only exception is funny movie teeshirt jerseys, or funny jerseys of that team.
    For example. If I went to a White Sox game and wore a Henry Rowengartner jersey…etc

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