Donald Trump Plans to Sue Mac Miller

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January 31, 2013 7:27 PM by Billy Heywood


Zap2It – Real estate tycoon, and “The Apprentice” boss Donald Trump is upset about something, big surprise there. This time Trump is going after rapper Mac Miller over royalties for a song called, of course, “Donald Trump.” The song’s video has received over 75 million views on YouTube, and Trump thinks he’s entitled to a slice of the pie.

Rather than go to a court of law, Trump decided to head to the court of public opinion, by going after Miller on Twitter.  Through a string of tweets Thursday, Donald let his frustration out. “Little @MacMiller,” he tweeted, “I want the money, not the plaque you gave me!” Trump also threatened legal action, tweeting, “Little @MacMiller, I’m now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog!”

The song in question, released nearly two years ago, is a profanity-laced rap about what Miller would do if he were as rich as Trump. The answer is, naturally, take over the world. Before ending his diatribe about Miller, Trump made sure to mock his haircut as well, tweeting, “Little @MacMiller – I have more hair than you do and there’s a slight age difference.” The irony of Donald Trump mocking another person’s hair is lost on nobody. So far, no response from Miller.

Look at the Donald! Going after a “never-was” white rapper for a one hit wonder. Donny wants to lay the hammer down on Mac for using his name in a song. But hey, props to Donald. If you don’t trademark your shit, people will come after you for their royalties. Lesson learned. This is the world today, and hey, Donny’s mentality has always been “Get rich or die tryin”… or was that 50 cent? Fuck it.

If I was Donald, whatever money I get from this lawsuit, I would use it to wipe my ass, or just simply burn it like the Joker from The Dark Knight. Because its not about the money, its about the principle of the matter. Don’t use someone’s name for your own benefit, without their consent.

However, Donny needs to chill with the whole “more hair” comeback. Don’t stoop to his level, you’re better than that.


Just hold your head up high and bang your hot ass wife while blasting this song, thats how you hit that dumbass so called “rapper” from Pittsburgh.


Woof. Look at Ivana Trump. Certified dime. Apparently money does get you alot of things in life, and for Donny, I could only imagine how freaky she gets just so she can live life like a rich goddess.

PS: She could sit, shit, and fart on my face any day of the week

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