Joe Flacco Signs the Best Endorsement Deal in History


January 29, 2013 2:00 PM by Smash

Gummy Bears

ESPN – Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is seen by many as an “Average Joe” kind of guy. So it fits that the only new endorsement deal he signed this week is for a company that makes gummy bears.

Flacco agreed to take a photo on Monday holding a package of Haribo Gold Bears, a version of the original gummy bears invented by the German company in 1922. The photo will be used in various marketing materials for the brand. In exchange, the company paid him an undisclosed amount and obviously will give him gummy product he demands.

“He didn’t do a deal with a clothing company or a law firm,” said his agent, Joe Linta. “He did it for a company that makes gummy bears. But that’s Joe. He likes the product.”

I’ve never been a Flacco guy but this is fucking awesome. Best endorsement deal to date. Everyone has their own sneaker or clothing line now. Shit, who doesn’t have a headphone line now? Joe Flacco audibles here by taking a picture with some gummy bears. Genius.

If I were Flacco, I’d Scrooge McDuck the shit out of this deal. Fill a room with gummy bears and dive into them. The only play here.

Speaking of Haribo, they may have one of the most overlooked candies in the game. The gummy raspberries. That’s right folks, these fuckers:

Haribo Rasberry

Joe – my respect for you just shot through the roof. Feel free to ship a few cases this way. I’ll stop rooting against you if you do. Thanks, bud

One thought on “Joe Flacco Signs the Best Endorsement Deal in History

  1. Smack Addict says:

    Diabetes is no joke….ask Jay cutler aka cha boy Cutty

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