How Many Times Can Jeans Be Worn Before Washing Them?


January 29, 2013 12:30 PM by Smash


It’s the question everyone asks themselves, but never asks other people. How many days in a row or even just wears in general before you have to give in and wash your jeans? Apparently a lot of people rarely wash them? As in once every 6 months plus? That’s psychotic. Those are 100% the same people who buy $200 pairs of jeans. Never made any sense to me.

Washing jeans blows for a couple reasons: they become stiffer than a virgin at a strip club and they fade like a mother fucker. After a few washes you’re stuck with a pair of jeans that look like you pulled them from your 90’s collection.

I mean do pants really get dirty? Sure your asshole is practically rubbing against them all day but other than that? I don’t think they really do.

So, what it is? How many times can you wear a pair of jeans (or really any pair of pants) before they need to be washed?


One thought on “How Many Times Can Jeans Be Worn Before Washing Them?

  1. Buddy Lee says:

    Until something stains them I am all for not washing…

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