Rick Ross Allegedly Wrecks His Rolls Into An Apartment Building, May or May Not Have Been Shot Aswell

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January 28, 2013 2:15 PM by Billy Heywood


BooBooTV Police are investigating after a shooting led to a Rolls Royce crashing into an apartment building early Monday.

Police officials say shots were fired around 5 a.m. in the area of Southeast 15th Avenue and E. Las Olas Boulevard

The Rolls Royce was traveling eastbound on Las Olas when another vehicle opened fire on it, police said.

When the Rolls tried to get away, it crashed into the building at 311 Southeast 15th Avenue. Neither of the two people inside were injured, police said.

Police are still looking for the gunman or gunmen.

The names of the victims inside the Rolls weren’t being released because they’re in fear for their lives, police said. Witnesses said rapper Rick Ross was inside the Rolls.

No other details were immediately known.

Damn Rick. I know you don’t forgive, but hell, I don’t know if the car seats will either. Those things must have been beaten and squished to shit from his fat ass fucking lounging in it. Hopefully he survives the shooting, no jokes…awkward….

You know whats really awkward…The fact that he was a Correction’s Officer. Isn’t that kinda hypocritical when you rap about blatantly breaking the law, when you at one point and time were paid to kind of uphold it…

And another thing…Whoever calls Rick Ross “The Boss” deserves to get shot while driving a car into an apartment building. There is only 1 BOSS in this world…and no its not Kelsey Grammar, or Bruce…


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