Tinder Just Became Awkwardly Real

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January 24, 2013 4:30 PM by Wade Blogs

Old School Elisha Cuthbert

If you haven’t realized by now I am pretty into Tinder. I’ve used it and have gotten three numbers from girls but my success rate isn’t as good as it sounds. I’ve been rejected so much that my phone number % is worse than Shaq blindfolded at the free throw line.

I’ve met one of the three girls in person, no I was not catfished like Manti Te’o. So the other two I’ve been chatting with but keeping particulars (last name, job, emails,etc) out of the conversation. Safer that way, believe me. Selfies (you better believe I just called it a selfie) and the like are fair game.

So I walk in to work today, a little bit later than normal because my boss is on vacation. So I pass by reception on my way in and one of the two girls I have been texting from Tinder is interviewing for an analyst role at the company I work for.

Anyways…trying to get a name from HR at the same time I’m getting information from the girl without being intrusive.

This may a big ‘ol “I’ll go fuck myself” moment. Can’t tell her I work here, can’t ask HR for information. Billy Heywood is a pro at these types of moments…maybe he can shed some knowledge.

Watch out people: you will encounter the girls you interact with on Tinder. That’s the price you pay for meeting girls in an awkward pseudo online dating platform.

But hey, can’t win if you don’t play.


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