First Down Laser System Coming To the NFL?

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January 24, 2013 12:00 PM by Billy Heywood


DelmarvaNowFans watching NFL games on television have grown accustomed to the imaginary yellow line that runs across the field in accord with the first-down marker.

That first-down line could one day become part of the in-game experience at all 32 NFL stadiums.

Alan Amron, with financial backing from former NFL player and broadcaster Pat Summerall, has developed the First Down Laser System. Amron said the system projects a first-down line across the field that can be seen in the stadium and on TV.

The league is intrigued, but not completely sold on the idea — not yet anyway.

“The NFL is our prime customer at this point,” Amron said, “and if we can make something that they like, maybe the NCAA and Canadian Football League will follow suit.”

This would be fucking terrible. Absolutely terrible. Football shouldn’t, and will never go for this. Next thing we’re going to here is that they’re bringing back Walter Payton bulldozing linemen via hologram like it’s Coachella or the shitty “Madden Trainer” from Madden 09/10.


Just leave the beautiful game of football the way it is. Its barbaric, rough, tough and might, kind of, sort of, definitely causes brain damage. Make the helmets safer, and that’s it. No lasers, no bullshit. BOOM!



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