The Stage is Set for Super Bowl XLVII

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January 21, 2013 8:45 AM by Smash

The HarbowlWelp, I didn’t really expect that. I had Niners vs. Patriots. Didn’t think the Ravens had it in them.

So we have what many people want: The Harbowl. This is my nightmare. I think they’re both great coaches but you know what this means? For the next two weeks, ESPN and the rest of the sports world will be fully torqued to feature any and everything on the Harbaugh family. Obviously it will go way beyond just Jim and John. They’ll be the parents interviews, the wives, second cousins half sisters step mother, etc. It will be non stop.

But I realized something while watching the Ravens/Patriots game. This commercial is starting to work itself out:

The fact that this commercial is on its way to becoming true makes me cringe. I’ve hated this commercial from day one and now, it may actually happen. THIS FRIGGIN GUY returns to his old apartment, to a couch that isn’t his, and the Niners are going back to the Super Bowl. Woof.

Well, I guess they allowed him back all season cause the Niners clicked and are heading to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII (by the way, that’s 47 for you peasants out there).

Sidenote – I just contradicted myself on the Harbaugh coverage by writing this didn’t I? Welp, I’ll just go fuck myself then.


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