Someone at Visa Deserves a Raise

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January 21, 2013 2:45 PM by Wade Blogs

NFL Visa

Now that the stage is set for Super Bowl XLVII, I could not help but wonder back to the commercials throughout the season. Visa has always been the leader in sentimental commercials for the sportsworld and the like. But remember the commercials that feature the little girl asking Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens questions at a press conference? It  had me laughing and also terrified because he ya know…was accused but never acquitted on killing a man. The other one is a middle age man giving the 49ers a pre-game speech and then  Jim Harbaugh comes in and is all like “WTF is going on?”

Whoever figured to put these two teams as the subject of the commercial should get a raise and then use that raise to start betting heavily. This person predicted the Super Bowl before the season. Heck, I was considering giving this person a position as chief of BminusBets yesterday until I realized Teddy KGB went 7-1 this weekend.  7-1 and .5 pts away from going 8-0 is damn good considering it was Conference Championship Sunday and conference basketball matchups. Teddy is off the hotseat for now.

Conspiracy theory:  Was the fix in before the season even started?  Could Visa or the NFL be the puppeteers of the game?


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