Ed Burke Trying to Ban Energy Drinks in Chicago

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January 21, 2013 11:00 AM by Smash

Energy Drink Ban

Huffington Post – In a Thursday City Council meeting,Chicago’s most powerful Alderman, Ed Burke (14th) proposed an ordinance that would nix “highly caffeinated” energy drinks for everyone in Chicago, according to the Tribune.

In Burke’s crosshairs are popular drinks like Monster Energy Drink, Full Throttle and 5-Hour Energy, reports NBC Chicago.

Unlike his fellow Ald. George Cardenas’ (12th) Nov. proposal to ban the sale of the controversial beverages to anyone under 21, Burke’s ordinance introduced Thursday would bring drink sales and distribution in Chicago to a screeching halt — and would be a blanket ban for everyone, not just minors.

All these bans are absolutely insane. We’ve got size bans in Manhattan and now possibly energy drink bans in Chicago. Do you know how many people will lose their shit if energy drinks are banned? For starters, anyone who drinks a Red Bull or Monster as their morning caffeine fix is a certified psychopath. Not even a question there. Coffee is one thing, energy drinks are another. These people will go awol on the entire city and we just don’t need that.

With all these bans, we’re essentially going back to prohibition era. Speakeasies for soda and energy drinks are about to start popping up all over the place. A place where people can drink any size soda and any kind of energy drink they want in peace.

But seriously, these bans are inane. It’s called self control. People die from energy drinks cause they drink them like water. Newsflash: too much anything will kill you. Oh, you think that’s not true. Water intoxication. BOOM.

Hey Chicago, want to put some time and effort into a campaign? Maybe start with lowering that homicide rate of yours. Just a shot in the dark but I’m pretty sure more people are dying from violence than energy drinks…oh and cigarettes, those are fair game too. Makes sense.


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