Conference Basketball & Division Championships!


January 19, 2013 10:12 AM by TeddyKGB

Nfl playoffs

What a great weekend. We have the NFL conference championships tomorrow; and today, have an amazing slate of college basketball.

Let’s start with college, going to try and keep it to televised games:

UConn @ Pitt: UConn is without a doubt having a down year, but 10.5 is a lot of points. Take UConn with the 9.5 and perhaps see a bounce-back from the beating they took from #1 Louisville. Bet UConn +10.5

St. Johns @ DePaul: Taking another road dog here. SJU is getting 3 points and coming off a nice win against #20 Notre Dame at home. I think they keep it going, but at least keep it within a basket. Bet SJU +3

LaSalle @ Xavier: You guys must think I am an X fan. I actually despise them, but respect them. LaSalle is having a decent year, but X at home and getting 2. (People must be betting LaSalle though… line has moved from X -1.5!) I dont buy it though. Unless a top 10 program is going into the Cintas center, I like X to win 99% of the time. Bet Xavier +2.

Creighton @ Wichita State: This looks like a fucking trap game if I’ve ever seen one. What does Vegas know that we dont? #12 Creighton are dogs? Yes, its on the road, but Creighton is pretty dirty. I’m kinda weirded out by this game/line, but I’m taking Creighton. Bet Creighton +2.5

Syracuse @ Louisville: Game of the day. #6 @ #1. Louisville is pretty damn good; but this is a conference game and the #6 team is getting 7 points. I think Luuuuulvuuul gets the W, but ‘Cuse give them a scare. Bet Syracuse +7.

Ohio State @ Michigan State: Not even betting it… just think it will be a great game. If I had to pick though, I like OSU with the 2.5

Gonzaga @ Butler: The best non-BCS game of the night. Butler is getting 3, and, like X, they play well at home. So I’m taking Butler at home with 3.

The NFL games. I havent decided how big I will go with these, but I am going against the grain:

49ers @ Falcons: People are overreacting wayyy too much from last week. I think the Falcons are fired up, home in thier dome, and again hosting a west coast team. I like the Falcons with 4.5. As long as Kaepernick doesn’t run for hundreds of yards, I think the Falcons at least keep it under 4.5, if not win outright.

Ravens @ Patriots: Never have I seen a more fucked up line. As high a 10 points with terrible juice (-155 on Bovada for a Ravens bet) and as low as 7.5 with fair juice. Either way, I like the Ravens. Patriots are the Patriots, but the Ravens are going to play with a chip on their shoulder. Lets call the line 8.5… either way, I’m betting the Ravens.

Good luck this weekend and enjoy the games!


2 thoughts on “Conference Basketball & Division Championships!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Rookie quarterbacks always seem to take a step back on the road, and I think Kaepernick will follow the mold and be a shell of his performance a week ago.

  2. Matt says:

    This game isn’t about Ryan, the 49ers D, the Georgia dome, etc It’s about what Keapernick does and if the Falcons can contain him. If he is not contained, the niners will roll. If not, I think the Falcon can pull it off.

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