What is the Protocol on Following Pornstars Via Twitter?


January 18, 2013 4:15 PM by Billy Heywood


Smash asked me today “Why do you follow @jessicalynnxxx and @xxxrachelroxxx on Twitter?” I simply replied “…why not?” He goes on to ask me “if you can see them online already, why do you bother following them, those accounts are most likely fake”.

Then he goes on and on about how weird I am, how I can get free porn anyway, and its weird that you just want to be their friend. He says “It’s just plain weird to do it”.

These women are hilarious. Their twitter accounts make them human, and not just pornstars. You get to see them actually do real shit when they aren’t getting porked in the bum, or getting a facial from Peter North.

They send great tweets about behind the scenes, sexy outfits, and their small purse dogs and shit…

I’m just kidding. I follow them just for the nudies. It’s that simple. Hell, those aren’t the only two I follow either…@RachelStarrxxx has theee best photos, usually one a day, and they are AMAZING. @DiamondFoxxx, my kryptonite, is a huuuuuge Steeler fan? Would you have ever guessed it? No!

I can’t even begin to tell you what you are missing by not following @Savannahstern, @JaydenJames, and last but not least, @thereallisaann.

So I say: Follow them, follow them all! These girls are great, funny, straight up godesses and their twitters are a handful…

One thought on “What is the Protocol on Following Pornstars Via Twitter?

  1. Oh my, this made me laugh.

    “Porked in the bum.”

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