Tinder: The Rules of Engagement

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January 18, 2013 2:00 PM by Wade Blogs


So I’ve been on Tinder for about a week an have had some successes. Got a couple of good looking girls to like me and it made me and my ego feel great.

I have the hottest/most legendary photo as my default that its just not fair. I only click on the girls who are the hottest of the bunch, if you are less than an 8, get the fuck out of my TinderBox. I know some guys who click LIKED on every girl. They argue that the more you like, the more you get liked. Can’t argue with numbers, but I know when you like a girl who is busted and gross (aka someone with 0 likes) chances are you are setting yourself up for disaster, and stage 5 clinger.

But I where I don’t know where to go from is when I am “matched” with a girl I’d want to get freaky with…what is the procedure? Do I message first? Do I drop a “you want to get fucked?” Or do I say something weird/funny?

I really could use help on this! Like how can I get a girls number on it without sounding like a rapist?

What if I meet my future wife on tinder? How do I explain that to my parents who already think cellphones are the devil and his playground?

Deep down I just got to know if the girls I am talking to are in fact real…I don’t want to be Teo’d

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