“Catfish” is the Hottest Term in the Game Right Now

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January 18, 2013 1:15 PM by Smash

Catfish Movie

I can not remember a term blowing up in a matter of hours the way “catfish/catfishing” has. Blew up in a matter of minutes and is now the hottest term in the game. For those of you who somehow DON’T know, here’s the always reliable top ranked Urban Dictionary definition:

Catfish Definition

Obviously, this is really the only term that can be used for this bizarro story that’s been going on with Manti Te’o.

Can’t say I was familiar with the term before that MTV show “Catfish” came along. Even then, I just thought it was an out of left field name. I guess it really started with the movie Catfish. Can’t say I’m watching a whole lot of MTV these days…or that movie. Well that sure has changed (the knowing of the definition…still not watching MTV…or Catfish). This is a fucking household term now and you can’t see a tweet without any of these: “Manti, Te’o, Manti Te’o, and catfish/catfishing.” Unreal.

My question is: why catfish? Are they sneaky ass fish? I know they just scum around the bottom of a lake but are they really tricking anyone? Certainly not tricking anyone in the Southern US who are sticking their arm halfway down a catfish’s mouth.

I kind of want to use this term all the time now. Not in the real sense though. Have zero application for the real definition. It’s going to enter my rotation but I will 100% butcher the meaning. Cabbie didn’t give me my change? – I was catfished. Date didn’t show up to dinner? – She catfished you.

Fuckin’ catfished…

Sidenote – If you say “yolo blew up bigger than this!” Just roll over and die. But hey…you only live once right?

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