USC Locker Room “Flat-Out Brawl” Puts the Icing On the Cake

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January 17, 2013 11:30 AM by Billy Heywood


Yahoo – We’ve heard of locker room fights in football before, but have never heard of an all-out brawl among a team.

There you go. USC did place first in something last season.

USC’s season went from massive disappointment to outright debacle after its 21-7 loss to Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl. The Los Angeles Daily News reported that 10-15 Trojans players got into a fight in the locker room. confirmed the story and said sources called it a “flat-out brawl.”

“It was one of the worst things I’ve seen in a locker room,” an unnamed USC player told the Daily News.

The USC story, coming off a season led by coach Lane Kiffin in which it was picked No. 1 in the preseason but finished 7-6, is now officially ridiculous.

What a joke. USC comes out ready to fight this year, projected to No.1 in every poll, and predicted to win the BCS…WompWomp… They go 7-6, and end the season with a 21-7 loss to Georgia Tech. Woof, Blane Kiffin just can’t seem to get his shit together.

Freshmen were shitting on the senior captain’s “work ethic” (yeah, like there was any at all). And then chaos ensued:

“When I came into the locker room … it was just pure chaos in there,” the player said. “… I think there was a lot of frustration. There were some things said by some guys on our team who are just hotheads.”-player to remain anonymous.

All I can picture in my head is the team getting into an Anchorman-Gang Style Brawl.


Seniors vs Freshmen, OLine vs DLine, Backers vs Backs, Receivers vs Secondary…and Matt Barkley pussin out, shoved into a locker crying, screaming “please let this stop, no no no, STOP THE MADDNESS!”

Do you USC, do you…


PS: Except for Polomalu and Cushing, are any of these jabroni’s good? Dumbass USC busts

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