School Cracking Down; Breathalyzing Students

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January 17, 2013 12:45 PM by Wade Blogs


Fox Orlando – On the Belmont High School Wikipedia page, it’s known simply as the “luau school.”

In 2005, several Belmont High School students were rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

The dance ended early that year, and 12 students were suspended.

Since then, Belmont High School administrators have slashed the number of dances every year at the school and reduced the hours.

However, that hasn’t reportedly stopped students from showing up drunk.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Thomas Kingston says Belmont is putting together a plan to reduce drinking at school functions, and it involves the use of breathalyzers.

The students will be educated as to how the small device can detect even trace amounts of alcohol in the body.

School Boards are really on top of their shit now a days. Breathalyzing students? Seriously you’ve only come up with that now? Why not do what my high school teachers did, which was make you blow in their face and they would say if you were drunk or not (errrr…). This is just a legal instrument to prove little Susie was drinking Smirnoff Ice before the junior prom.

But hey, I wish they had breathalyzers back in my high school days. At least I would have a reason for not getting ass at prom. “Uhh no guys, I didn’t get with her…I got kicked out and couldn’t go.” Perfect excuse. Obviously would have been the coolest cat on the block for drinking AND getting kicked out. The perfect combination.

Welp, kids – I don’t know what to tell ya. Looks like your in school drinking days may be coming to an end. Unless you have some tricks up your sleeve that the real world hasn’t learned yet. And if that’s the case, we expect you to share them ASAP.


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