Tony Danza Blows it in More Ways Than One

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January 16, 2013 11:45 AM by Wade Blogs


NY Post – While the flu epidemic has most Americans bathing in Purel and clamoring for vaccines, Tony Danza freaked out several passengers, including Kate Upton, in first class aboard an American Airlines flight to New York from Los Angeles this weekend. Danza was spotted vomiting into a paper bag during the flight, which unnerved passengers sitting nearby.

So there is this Flu thing going around. I don’t buy into it because if you’re not a pansy bitch and play in the mud once in a while, you don’t get sick. That is for a different post. Anyways…Tony Danza aka the garbage picking, field goal kicking, Philadelphia phenomenon was on a first class flight from New York to the City of Angels and had this stomach bug flu nonsense.

Who was on his flight?  The oh so hot right now KATE UPTON. This may be a once in a lifetime thing. I mean how many times do you think Kate Upton flies on a commercial aircraft? How many times are you in the same confined space as Kate Upton for 6 hours?


Tony…you BLEW IT and I’m not talking about you throwing up. You had your chance to bang another DIME before the curtain came down on your career.

Sidenote – Do you think Tony does the Danza Tap? Ya know…when you say “Who’s the Boss?” during sex?  Has to.


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