Teacher Fired for Being A Former Pornstar?…Excuse Me?

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January 16, 2013 1:15 PM by Billy Heywood


Examiner – A porn star teacher fired from Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard in April of 2012, lost her appeal to get her job back. Tuesday, a three-judge panel said that Stacie Halas, 32, due to her indecent past in the adult film industry, is not fit to return to the classroom.

According to a Jan. 16 report from ABC News, a 46-page document was released Friday that outlined the decision to uphold the firing of the porn star teacher.

So apparently a science teacher was fired because some dumb-ass students brought up the fact that she was a porno-actress. Are you kidding me?

So what do you do? The logical answer is going to her after class and tell her that you “don’t understand the material” and “need extra help after class”. With those lines, you’re the mayor of downtown poundtown.

Hell, NaughtyAmerica has this as one of their websites (“My First Sex Teacher”) and you could easily live it! This just proves that kids today are fucking DUMB, and that this country is becoming a bigger pussy than it already is by the minute. If I was in school and Lisa Ann was my professor, I don’t know what I would do. I would have to wear 3 pairs of underwear just to keep my hog at bay!

Maybe a porn studio like Brazzers or BangBros could pick her up to do a porno about “doing a porno, becoming a regular teacher who gets caught being a porn actress, but the principal won’t fire her unless she bucks him” Right?


To make matters worse, she was in the dumbest kind of porno ever…Big Sausage Pizza.

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