Ranking All 30 NHL Jerseys (10-1)

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January 16, 2013 12:30 PM by Smash

NHL Logos

And finally, the top ten jerseys in the NHL. Check out the other lists here: 30-21 and 20-11.

10. New York Islanders

New York Islanders

Basically the same exact reason as the Oilers. What made me put the Islanders over the Oilers were two factors: the logo and the fact it’s even more simplistic. Very clever logo incorporating Long Island, NY, and a puck and stick.

9. Winnipeg Jets

Winnepeg Jets

Welcome back to the League, Jets! The people of Winnipeg spoke and they got their team back. They did a great job with their new uniforms, especially since they replaced their old ones. Dark blue/light blue combo might be one of the best looks. The maple leaf under the jet is a fantastic logo. Simple, but A+ jerseys.

8. Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres

Another team that played around with a new logo when they had no business doing so. They went back to their roots with these. Really like the striped sleeves and another phenomenal logo.

7. Boston Bruins

Boston Bruins

One of the most classic jerseys in the League. Absolutely badass looking and they really kept the sweater feel of hockey jerseys. They’ve barely changed a single thing since coming into the league almost 90 years ago (minus that ridiculous shade of brown).

6. Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs

As we’ve seen, Canada loves their maple leaves. The Maple Leafs are the hipsters of the NHL: they were using the maple leaf on their jerseys before it was cool. They know the tradition of their franchise and I don’t think you’ll ever see much of a change with these. Another classic.

5. Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers

The only predominantly orange jersey in the League. Not saying that necessarily a good thing (much better than this attempt) but the Flyers did a helluva job making these work. Another reason these are such a great jersey are the name plates on the back. The home orange rock a white plate with black names and the road whites a black plate with white names.

4. New York Rangers

New York Rangers

I love how the Rangers took a different route here. Instead of your typical logo/mascot on the front, they went with simple lettering (although the Winter Classic ones with the logo are unreal). Can never go wrong with red, white, and blue as your teams colors and the Rangers are no exception here.

3. Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadians

With one of the most classic logos in sports, the C and H (standing for their full official name: le Club de hockey Canadien) have been doning the red, blue, and white sweaters since around 1917. When you think hockey, one of the first jerseys and logos that come to mind are the Canadiens. Great jerseys…simple and classic.

2. Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Redwings

As much as I hate boosting the already large ego of Red Wings fans, these jerseys really are awesome. Detroit loves their automobile history so why not use it here? If you haven’t noticed yet, the original 6 teams keep it very simple as way as maintaining their traditions. The Red Wings continue the trend with a great jersey.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks

I’m making a big statement here: I not only think these are the best jerseys in hockey, but in all of sports (actually the white ones are but again, not counting those in this list). Everyone loves to get all up in arms about the name and logo but you know what? Fuck em. That logo is PERFECT. From the colors to even the detail, this jersey needs nothing more, nothing less. Hell, even the shoulder patches are spot on.


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