Ranking All 30 NHL Jerseys (20-11)


January 15, 2013 2:00 PM by Smash

NHL Logos

We’re on to numbers 20-11. If you missed it, you can view 30-21 here.

20. Ottawa Senators

Ottaway Senators

Great logo. Would like to see them us a little more of the gold and less black but could be worse. Logo is an improvement from their previous one.

19. Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers

Another logo I actually think is great. It hasn’t really been changed at all and there really isn’t a need to. The addition of the subtle yellow adds some nice variety and makes it stand out than your typical navy and red combo.

18. Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals

Kind of the same story with the Blues jerseys. Feel like they’re something you’d see in the AHL or on some other minor league club. Although they already kind of have brought back their original design, they really should make these their primary home/away jerseys.

17. Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins

I can’t really put my finger on what it is about these I don’t like. Other from the fact that they’re predominately black (which if you haven’t figured out by now, I’m not a fan of) I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s the white in there. If they stuck with black where the white is on the sleeves, would probably have been a better look. One of the great logos as well though.

16. Los Angeles Kings

LA Kings

Not to beat a dead horse: I don’t usually like much black in uniforms, if any at all. The Kings though did a good job with these. Much better than their old ones and the simplicity is what makes these work.

15. Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix Coyotes

I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t like these. Not exactly sure why because these are very solid jerseys. The logo is MUCH IMPROVED from their early days, and they finally learned you don’t need 5+ colors on one jersey. Simple and to the point.

14. Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning revamped their look at the beginning of last season. Huge improvement on their outdated uniforms. More much simplistic and cleaner look.

13. Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild

The Wild have one of the more unique color combinations in all of professional sports. Green and red are usually associated with Christmas and not sports. However, the Wild did a good job at making it work. Has an older feel to it but are able to pull it off.

12. Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks

Another color combination you don’t see too often: green and blue. Very simple. Not a fan of any of their logos but I can look past them here. The simple “Vancouver” text balances out a shitty logo.

11. Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers

I’m a sucker for the blue and orange combo in uniforms. I feel like it’s overlooked but when done right, it looks great. Nice balance of the orange and isn’t overkill.


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