When is it Acceptable to Storm the Court?


January 11, 2013 12:00 PM by Smash

Storming the Court

So I’m watching the Arizona vs. Oregon game last night and as the clock hit 0:00, the crowd storms the court. This isn’t the first time and it’s not the last time I’ve thought this: what’s the criteria for storming the court following a win? Now I’ve seen it done for the most unnecessary reasons and also the most qualified reasons. However, it seems that any time a non ranked team beats a ranked team, it automatically means storm the court. Last night for example seemed so unnecessary. Oregon has 2 losses on the season, were at home, and are an up and up program. Gotta act like you’ve been there before. Shit, your football program just won the Fiesta Bowl. Thought you guys were better than that.

Now I’m not trying to take away from a solid win but I feel like some ground rules need to be set:

An unranked team beats a top ten team after mid-January: Self explanatory. Conference play is underway, games mean a whole lot more now and that win probably just did big things for your program.

That win just placed you in the tournament: your team won and will be dancing. Completely acceptable.

Other than that, I’m not sure why you need to storm the court. I get all the fans are excited after a big win but it’s the middle of the season. Save those for Rudy-esque moments and championships. Makes the moment that much sweeter. If you’re storming the court after semi average wins, it will take away from the ones that mean a whole lot more and become a chore “ughh I guess we have to run down there again!” No one wants that.

Sidenote – mother fucker. They talked about it on The Herd. 1000% wrote it before I even heard that. See? It’s a problem.


One thought on “When is it Acceptable to Storm the Court?

  1. […] I’m very anti storming the court (see here), but this is a legitimate reason and makes much more sense than almost every time people have […]

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