Man Asks for Ketchup on His Cheesesteak, Threatened With an Ass Kicking

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January 10, 2013 1:30 PM by Smash


Fox News – A customer’s request to put ketchup on a Philly cheesesteak caused a ruckus in an Orlando Subway shop.

Sandwich maker Lawrence Ordone told customer Luis Martinez that Subway doesn’t have ketchup when the order was placed on New Year’s night. There are differing accounts on what happened next, but Orlando television station WFTV reports Ordone lost his job.

Ordone says he told the customer he’s “never put ketchup on anybody’s sandwich.” He says Martinez got “mouthy.” Martinez denies that, but Ordone admits he flew off the handle at that point.
WFTV reports Ordone shoved a chair to the side and told Martinez “fight me like a man.”

Martinez called 911. Ordone left the building. No one was arrested. But now Ordone is looking for a new job.

I do not blame Lawrence Ordone one bit. Ketchup should be used on burgers and fries. Honestly can’t think of a single other food ketchup should be used on. Hot dog? Absolutely not, unless you’re under the age of 6.

Here’s where Luis Martinez fucked up: putting ketchup on a cheesesteak and ordering a cheesesteak from Subway in the first place.

I despise Philadelphia. From their fans to their sports teams, they 100% take the cake for my least favorite city in the United States. However, if there’s one thing Philly knows, it’s the cheesesteak. Now I know it’s a heated debate about what place has the best one but that’s not the point here. It’s a staple of the city and they got it right. If you went to Philly and asked for ketchup on your cheesesteak, I’m pretty sure they’d skip the ass kicking and go right for murder instead. Why beat around the bush with something like that? It’s a felony.

And back to the getting a cheesesteak at Subway. One of the worst decisions a person can make. Their “steak” sits in a paper cup and you get about half an ounce of meat. That’s no way to eat a cheesesteak. If you’re gonna eat one, fucking eat a cheesesteak. Load up the meat and go somewhere where they’ll actually grill the meat. Subway’s excuse for a cheesesteak is absolutely pathetic.


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