Is the “LifeStraw” Going to Save the World?

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January 10, 2013 4:00 PM by Billy Heywood


Strolling around the internet today I come across The LifeStraw. Since I am curious, I dig deeper and deeper. Reading up on the compant, and invention, I found out that you can just straight up go to any fresh water and drink from it. No worries.

No need to boil water, no need to worry about any microbiological organisms that are going to fuck your insides up and kill you. All you do is drink from a well, river, or lake like you would with a straw. Slurp it up, enjoy your water, then blow out the straw to clean the filters…That simple. There is some scientific explanation with filters in the tube, and its coated with non lethal iodine and stuff, very scientific.

Apparently there’s a lot of upgrades and accessories, like the rain water attachment, as well as the mass volume filter.


If I was an outdoorsmen, I certainly would buy this, not only for emergencies, but to know that buying one would go to a great cause. Also, how fucking annoying is it to build a fire, go scoop up the water, boil it, then wait for it to cool? Like come on already.

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