Brian Kelly to the Eagles?

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January 10, 2013 11:30 AM by Wade Blogs

Brian Kelly

So Brian Kelly has been meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles the last few days. As many of you know, Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish  lost the BCS National Championship game to Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide. On the flip side, the Philadelphia Eagles were the self proclaimed “Dream Team” this year and last and saying they fell short would be an understatement. Too bad their version of the “Dream Team” took a new meaning: They were the best team in their dreams…not on the field.

Anyways…back to Brian Kelly, who just finished his 3rd year at the helm of the Irish’s Football team. He is under contract until 2016 (terms not disclosed). The million dollar question is:  does he leave or is this a contract ploy for more money? My answer is:  Yes and Yes. Every coach wants to be Vince Lombardi and be a success in the NFL and make the big money. Yet, one can argue coaching Notre Dame brings in bigger money and notoriety than say the Carolina Panthers or Cleveland browns. But I would not be surprised if this is a ploy for more money from Notre Dame. A coach likes at least 4 years to show his muscle in college. 4 years is the magic number when you have 100% of the players that you recruited and it’s a good bench mark.

I say Kelly stays…IF he does go, I have NO idea who the Irish would get to replace him. It would be a HUGE blow to their recruiting classes of the coming years.

Stay tuned.


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