Beats Headphones Are Becoming the Next Ugg Epidemic


January 9, 2013 4:15 PM by Smash


I’ve noticed this for a long time but today really stuck out. As I’m on my way to work today, a guy gets on the train with Beats around his neck. Not only were the Beats but they were these kind:

Beats Pro

After some diligent Googling, I found out these are Beat Pro. So they weren’t even being used and they’re the pro version. My guess? Has to be a DJ. I’ll probably never know but for his sake, I’ll go with that.

Do people not understand how ridiculous these look? They are MASSIVE and they’re also extremely expensive for a pair of fucking headphones. If you’re rocking these on the commute to your office, you’re a certified lunatic. As if trying to get off a crowded train isn’t frustrating enough, add the guy that can’t hear you cause he’s blasting ABBA’s greatest hits to the mix for the perfect way to start your day.

There are also a very small group of people that can actually pull this look off:

1. Athletes – guys on the basketball team at my college used to wear them EVERYWHERE. Completely acceptable. LeBron wants to wear them after a game? Go ahead. Little Johnny wants to wear them while warming up for his CYO game? Absolutely unacceptable.

2. Travelers – This one has a massive asterisk next to it. My rule with noise canceling headphones is any pair is fair game while traveling. Even if they’re Beats, you’re in the clear. I still think you’re a manic for dropping $300 for headphones when you can get an equally as good pair for a quarter of the price but to each their own.

3. You’re in the music industry – I’m no headphone expert but I don’t even think these are supposed to be that great. I would put money on it that legitimate people in the music industry have much better and more expensive headphones. So I guess on this one I mean you’re in the rap game and it is required you use Beats.

I’m trying to think of a fourth but I’m falling short. So there are literally only 3 instances when these are okay to wear. But how are they like the Ugg issue you ask?

Because Ugg boots are absolutely hideous. “But they’re so comfortable!” I’m sure they are but that doesn’t help your cause. Beats are the same thing. Sure, they have good sound. But not for the price or the look. Toss in some earbuds and call it a day. Unless you fit one of the two exceptions as listed above. You probably don’t so skip the Beats.



2 thoughts on “Beats Headphones Are Becoming the Next Ugg Epidemic

  1. […] hobos on the street are begging for change with these on! The fuck? Smash wrote a post last year on how beats are becoming the “ugg” epidemic” and I couldn’t agree […]

  2. not dre says:

    Beats are poorly made, inferior quality, name driven faulty pieces of shit. They break constantly around the flimsy hinges, the right ear (same side as volume on the phone version) drops out constantly. They are name only and sound quality is bass only. They are the “look at me” lemming brand. People buy them because they feel “cool”, if you want a great pair for same or less cost… Sony, Bose, V-Moda, or Sennheiser. Save yourself the countless trips to replace your crappy Dre’s and get real headphones.

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