2013 MLB 1st Ballot Hall Of Fame Vote


January 9, 2013 11:45 AM by Billy Heywood


Today the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame chooses its Class of 2013…Yes I know that there are some Hall of Fame hopefuls awaiting their name to be called today, so I figured that I would list who I would pick in why. *Note* This is for First Ballot HOF hopefuls only…so don’t get on my ass about Morris, Mattingly, or Bagwell…If It were up to me:

Who Should Get In:

Honorable Mention:
Pete Rose (*Isn’t on the ballot, but a guy can dream, can’t he*)

Pete Rose

Had to, Hit King deserves a bronze shrine in Cooperstown and its a travesty no one is man enough to say that the elders were wrong in banning him.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

He is the homerun king, regardless of PED use. In a time when more or less every player was using some sort of PED, he came out on top. All that aside, he was one of the best all-around players this league has ever seen. Career BA .298, 2558 BBs, just shy of 2935 hits, 1996 RBIs, 516 SBs and 762 HRs…Not to mention his 14 All Star Games, 7 MVPs (4 of them which were in a row), and 8 Gold Gloves…

Roger Clemens


His numbers don’t lie (4600+ Ks, 354 Ws and 3.12 ERA) and his PED use is just as sketchy as Bonds. He pitched in an era when PED’s were frequently used in the league, and he still remained to be top dog in the league. Guy was a menace on the mound.

Mike Piazza

The best offensive catcher ever. He couldn’t throw the garbage out, let alone a guy stealing second or third, but he was dangerous ever time he got up to bat. 2127 hits, 427 HRs, 1335 RBI, Career BA of .308. The guy was a fan favorite in New York, minus the couple of months were everyone in New York City, and the nation, thought he was gay….I mean the guy had frosted tips…comeon…..comeon….

His walkoff against the Braves the game after 9/11 still gives me chills today.

Craig Biggio


3k hits, 414 stolen bases, 1175 RBI as well as MLB leader in HBP. Guy was always a class act on the field. Deserves the Hall more than anyone on this ballot.

Kenny Lofton

Kenny Lofton
622 stolen bases, career .299 hitter, 1529 runs and 2428 hits… its a strech but you throw in his 4 gold gloves and 6 all star games and you’ve got quite the discussion on your hands. One of the fastest to play the game, as well as reliable in the field.

Who Shouldn’t Get In:

Curt Schilling

216 wins and a 3.46 Era is not HOF material. Yeah hes a Co-World Series MVP, and a Cy Young, but HOF is all about your career, not individual seasons. He also bought a video game company and it went bankrupt..womp womp…

Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa Big Mac
Corked bat and 600+ homeruns don’t mix. It’s one thing to even the odds by using PEDs when everyone else is doing it, and its another to cork a bat to get ahead of the game…

David Wells
David Wells
239 Ws 2200+ Ks and a 4.12 ERA? Woof…However, he threw a perfect game shitfaced…If not a Hall Of Famer in Cooperstown, hes a HOF in my heart.

Julio Franco

Julio Franco
20 years in the MLB and only racked up 2500+ hits…comeon guy. Also his stance was dumb as shit, I hated playing as him in MVP Baseball. Couldn’t hit the high heat.

Sandy Alomar: Are you kidding?

My Prediction:

Out of those who are eligible for their 1st Ballot HOF initiation, I think the BBWAA will completely boycott the alleged PED users (Bonds, Clemens, Sosa) and vote in Biggio and Piazza. With regards to the other balloteers (is that the word? whatever), I think Bagwell, and Morris will get the nod.

So there you have it, Biggio, Bagwell, Morris and Piazza I believe will be this years HOF class…But hell, I could be (and most likely be) wrong.

One thought on “2013 MLB 1st Ballot Hall Of Fame Vote

  1. Historical joe says:

    This is Charlie Hustle’s first time on the ballot?

    Yea didn’t think so. Moron

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