Man Kills Grandmother Over Which TV Show to Watch

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January 8, 2013 10:45 AM by Smash

Murder She Wrote

Huffington Post – Police say a New York man has killed his grandmother after they argued over what TV show to watch.

Police say the 25-year-old Clarence Newcomb told them he and his grandmother had argued over what to watch on TV. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick says he doesn’t know what shows were involved.

I’ll tell ya what, there is nothing worse than a remote hog. Especially if it’s a Saturday morning, you’re hungover, and stuck watching some God-awful show you have no desire to sit through. I had a remote who thought it the remote was lying next to you while you were clearly watching something, it was fair game to grab it, change the channel, and hold on to it. Completely unacceptable.

So the police say they don’t know what shows were involved? Well lets break it down to a few possible candidates:

Murder, She Wrote: I’m not even sure if they still air this show but what I do know is that old people LOVE it. You know how everyone uses that line “ohh I need to watch my stories!” yeah well these were the stories grandma was referring to.

Antiques Road Show: Shot in the dark on this one. This is mostly stemming from Grandma’s Boy but I think it’s another one old people like.

60 Minutes: The wildcard in the bunch. Some people can handle it while others find it to be second to waterboarding. Another favorite of the 80+ crowd.

Now I can’t say I condone Clarence Newcomb’s actions here cause well…HE FUCKING KILLED HIS GRANDMOTHER. However, I understand how angry someone can get at a remote hog. You’re put through pure misery.

My suggestion for next time? Invest in a DVR. These issues will solve themselves out.


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