Ciao Sparano!


January 8, 2013 8:51 AM by Billy Heywood

Tannebaum is out, Cavanaugh is gone, and now Tony “lets throw on 3&1, and run on 3rd&9” Sparano is sent packing faster than Schwackhammer in Space Jam after Jordan & the Toon Squad sends his broke ass back to Moron Mountain.

Before the Jets do ANYTHING ELSE… they should get a new GM.

The new GM (whoever it may be), with the help of Woody and Rex, should approach these empty spaces is the same way Dips likes his butt on Saturday nights…Full of young dudes who are down for anything.

First, get Tom Gamble. His dad and Rex’s dad butted heads in Philadelphia way back when. But who remembers that shit, right? Once Gang Green gets a GM, then they can start talking about new coaching changes. He is a football minded guy, and has drafted STUDS for the 49ers…Kaep, Bowman, Aldon Smith just to name a few…

Then, go and get some young, somewhat experienced coaches out of successful colleges for your positional coaches, and get coaches with some fucking *spark* for your OFF-Coordinator. For  your DEF-Coordinator, Rex is the one calling the shots on D, so finding a DEF Coordinator shouldn’t be a high priority. There isn’t much to look forward to in 2013 for the New York Jets, so why not go for some fresh talent, and take a chance.

Once this quest for a GM and 2 Coordinators is over, its on to the personnel debacle begins…Somehow, someway the Jets need to fill in 12 starting spots on both sides of the ball… as well as stay below cap level…

It’s going to be a looo000000ooooong Off-season…J?-E?-T?-S?


One thought on “Ciao Sparano!

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    What a season for the Jets! Chaos from start to finish :).

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