ND and Bama Fans Team Up for a Cause


January 7, 2013 11:15 AM by Smash

BCS: Community Service Project

South Bend Tribune – Fighting Irish green and Alabama Tide crimson came together in downtown Miami Sunday afternoon for a joint service project to build vegetable gardens in the area.

Roots in the City, a Miami organization that provides food to shelters and low-income families, co-sponsored the service project with the two schools, each of whom contributed volunteers to construct and install several dirt beds in a previously vacant lot. The project aimed to begin the redevelopment of the downtown area.

Eddie Simmons, an employee of Roots in the City, said the two fan bases showed their pride by painting the outside of the wooden dirt beds in their respective school colors.

” ‘Bama did their signs and the Fighting Irish did theirs, but they all worked together,” he said. “It was a big success.”

Despite the upcoming battle for College Football’s most prized title, both schools came together as one to benefit their country. Happy to see our nation’s future leaders being an example for alumni and fans around the nation and not tea bagging each others fans. Nice change.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’d be able to do that. The amount of trash talking going back and forth would most likely turn that volunteering into a Civil War battlefield. To each their own.

One thought on “ND and Bama Fans Team Up for a Cause

  1. Historical joe says:

    I’m surprised the ND kids didn’t pay someone to do it for them. Rich SOBs

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