Rex’s Tat is PHAT

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January 4, 2013 9:34 AM by Billy Heywood


ESPN – “The New York Jets’ quarterback controversy has entered uncharted waters — as crystal clear as they may be.

A vacationing Rex Ryan was spotted and photographed Thursday sporting a tattoo of a woman who appears to be his wife, wearing only a green jersey with Mark Sanchez’s No. 6 on it and posing in a way many would say resembles a crouching Tim Tebow

A shirtless Ryan, sunbathing poolside at the Cove Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, quickly left the scene with his wife after being approached by a reporter.

According to a story in the The New York Daily News Ryan cursed at the reporter while “storming away,” but not before an image had been captured of Ryan lying prone with a book in his left hand with the illustration on his other upper arm below another tattoo of a green shamrock featuring the names of his wife and children.

There was no indication whether the tattoo is a permanent one.”

Am I the only person who LOVES Rex Ryan’s Tattoo? If you don’t, you are lying to yourself.

First of all, Sanchez is Rex Ryan’s baby. It was his first draft pick as a head coach and every coach is bound by the laws of football to be loyal to his draftee and vice versa. Its not Rex’s fault that he got this probably back in ’09 when Mark was….decent…ok fine, below average but he had potential…right?

Second, Rex’s wife is kinda definitely hot. Not on board with the toe sucking, but for her…I can’t say I wouldn’t try it…but getting a tattoo of your beautiful wife in your team’s jersey isn’t thhhhhat weird.

Thirdly, why the fuck is anyone following him in the Bahamas? Who really wants to photograph and report Rex on the beach? I gotta think it goes something like:

“Uh, yeah, this is Billy reporting from the Bahamas….uh all I’m seeing Rex’s wrinkly, old, loose skin flapping around…Reading a book, listening to his iPod…And yup, you guessed it. He’s giving her a foot massage and Oh God, yuh, uh huh, hes now sucking the toes….”

Also, whats The Daily News fucking problem? They have nothing better to do today? Come-on. Let this guy get foot-jobs and skeet on his beautiful wife’s manicured toes in peace for crying at loud…I swear I don’t like feet…

PS. Whoever thinks that she is “Tebow-ing” Is a fucking lunatic


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