GymUary: The Worst Time of the Year


January 2, 2013 12:15 PM by Wade Blogs


GymUary is what I like to call the period from January 2nd – February 14th:  The worst time of year in the gym.

During this time of the year, we see an influx of attendance and participants in the gym. The new year means a “new you” in theory but in actuality it isn’t anything different then a start of a new month. Just because the clock struck 12 on a random day that happens to be the 1st of January, you think you’ll be more motivated or committed to the gym or new habits? Get out of town and my gym.

These people are normally out of shape and do not know how to do the basic machines or movements. They normally stand around, hog machines, or want to talk to you in between sets. I go to the gym to do what I’ve got to do and leave. I don’t like to talk to anyone unless it is for a spot or to be the spotter. Call me some gym hardass but it’s not time for small talk. Plain and simple, I go to the gym so I don’t beat the shit out of people around me. It’s a balance equalizer in my mind.

February 14 is usually the end of GymUary because it is St. Valentines Day (yes Valentine was a Saint, more on that later) and either you get what you’re looking for (poo nay nay) or you are worthless and single which leads to comfort binge eating and NO MORE GYM!

Helpful hint:  go to the gym in the morning before work/school/whatever you do. The resolution crowd doesn’t wake up that early. Get in a few sets before the morning sun brushes his teeth.

Sidenote – the new thing for 2013 are steam rooms & saunas. Russian/Turkish bath houses are still up for debate (I need to try one).


One thought on “GymUary: The Worst Time of the Year

  1. I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts every day along
    with a cup of coffee.

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