Top 10 Television Shows of 2012


December 31, 2012 10:30 AM by Billy Heywood

Watching TV

*Warning: Spoiler alerts.*

10. American Horror Story

This is the freakiest show ever and it never ceases to amaze me with the shit they get away with on cable. The girl who laughed at the dudes dick mid rape…and he goes and cuts off her legs from the knees down? My jaw is still on the floor from that…

9. Louie

Louis CK really picked it up this season with this awkward run ins with his search for love and humor.

8. Revolution

If you watched “Supernatural” & or loved LOST and feel there isn’t a show that will ever come close, Revolution is the show you’ve been missing. Created by Eric Kripke from Supernatural, and JJ Abrams from LOST, this is the best new show on television and has a loooong loooong shelf life. It is a MUST see. There are plot twists at the end of every episode and you never see them coming. You’d think that I would learn by now but know. Returns in March.

7. How I Met Your Mother

Always a good laugh, finally getting to see how Ted “I’m a dork,feel bad for me” Mosby meets his wife. If Bob Saget is shown in the finale I will lose it. You ever see him in The Aristocrats? Go out and find it right now and watch it. Online, DVD, Netflix, VHS, or LaserDisk…You NEED to see this movie.

6. Modern Family

Best show on network television…hands down. Phil Dumphy and Cam are the two funniest characters tv has ever seen…definite must watch.

5. The Walking Dead

After a slow 2nd season, Rick and the gang really hit the ground running this season in the prison…RIP TDawG, I hope Lori is in hell…MERL!?!!?!!

4. Homeland

After an awesome season 1, season 2 was just slow as fucking molasses. The finale however fucked my brain sideways and jizzed in my hypothalamus…

3. The League

The League Jenny
The funniest show on cable. Follows 5 guys and their fantasy football league. Taco and Rafi make me wet myself…on the regular and Jenny is a straight fox.

There’s a tie with #1. However, took me a while to deliberate and I just can’t pick one.

T-1. Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.51.38 AM
Breaking Bad: This season was only a half season with 8 episodes and they mind fucked me every single week. All hail the King.
Sons of Anarchy: Whore houses, Damian Pope, Cartel, Irish. This season never disappointed me at any point, I was LIVID when OP was killed, and how Tig wasn’t popped at the end. Fuck Clay and that loose slut Gemma.

BB and SoA are the only 2 shows that have gotten better and better each season. Lost was a rollercoaster, and the office nose dived after Michael Scott left…

Notables that aren’t in the Top 10:
Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Supernatural, Arrow, Dexter, Archer

Mad Men is overrated. Plain and simple.

Honorable Mention:


Man gets into a car accident with his son and his wife in the car. Goes to bed with son dead and wife alive. Wakes up with his son alive and wife dead. Keeps switching every time when he goes to sleep in each reality. Cancelled too early. Only 10 episode series, had so much potential but the producers shoved too much into the show too quickly.


One thought on “Top 10 Television Shows of 2012

  1. Historical joe says:

    After reading that movie list i am Surprised “big bang theory” isn’t #1…

    At least be 100% consistent with your lack of knowledge of taste!

    Boardwalk Empire, Madmen, Treme, Chicago Fire?

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