Phoenix’s Proposed “Pin” Looks Cool…

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December 28, 2012 11:30 AM by Smash

Observation Tower

Art Info – It seems that developers in Phoenix, Arizona wanted to get in on the Bjarke Ingels craze, and they certainly got in on it. Bjarke’s firm BIG has been commissioned to design a mixed-use observation tower in downtown Phoenix, for which they have proposed an instant icon of sorts, a spherical spiraling ramp propped high atop a singular piloti like an oversized lollipop, towering 420 feet above the Valley of the Sun.

So Phoenix wants to build a 420 tower to look over the city? I probably shouldn’t be, but I am so fucking confused here it’s not even funny. What’s the point of this? Is Phoenix even a cool city to have a birds eye view of? Isn’t it a bunch of desert?

Observation tower 2

Here’s what I don’t get: you have a bunch of normal buildings. US Airways Arena, Phoenix Convention Center, then BOOM! a fucking lollipop! From this picture alone, I see nothing worth paying money and going up 400+ feet.

If Phoenix actually lets this thing fly and go ahead and build it, they’re jumping into my top 5 hated cities in the United States. There are fewer ways money can be spent worse than this.


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