Office Etiquette: Decorating Your Cubical

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December 28, 2012 3:30 PM by Wade Blogs

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Have you ever noticed the strangest things about offices? Yes, it is a wide variety of people from all walks of life and they usually span many generations. The one thing I find so strange is the whole “decorate your cubicle” thing. I am talking about the whole kit and caboodle: pictures, poems, notes, you name it, they have it.

You know whats hanging in my cube? An American flag and work related papers for easy reference. I don’t understand the need to decorate your cube with personal affects! Want a reminder to work hard? A picture of the wife and kids is great…more than 5 pictures is too much (unless you have an office). Boyfriends? He will probably dump you and some poor innocent soul will have to ask “What happened to those pictures” which leads to you crying in the bathroom and making more work for me. If a client or vender sends you some toys or gifts, sure hang them up to show how loved you are by people outside the office.

My Rules:

  • 1-4 photos of loved ones.
  • Only hang up things you did at work: i.e. client outing, office fun run, etc.
  • Forget the “inside jokes” with officemates.  No one finds them funny.
  • Only hang up your school’s football schedule if: 1. You went there 2. They are D-1 3. They are good.
  • Put the menus in the trash…we have the internet now. If you hang up menus you are more lazy than anything and obviously love food way too much.

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