This is Why I Have Rules

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December 22, 2012 11:04 AM by TeddyKGB

What was the most appealing bet to me on Wednesday, blew up in my face. Xavier, when having a 7-point lead at one point in the first half, simply took thier foot of the gas in the second half and Cincinnati bent them over with a 15-point win.

Well, lesson learned.

Moving on.

Murray State +4.5 @ Dayton: I’m thinking this a betting trap… but I’m doing it anyway. Dayton really needs to beat this team to stay relevant this year, but they wont. Murray State is a solid team, and I think at the very least, they keep it close. Murray State +4.5

Florida State +1 @ Charlotte: FSU fucked my bracket last year and is one of the teams that always seems to fuck me over. But I’m picking them anyway. Charlotte is doing well this year, but haven’t played anyone.  The only team that you don’t bet on more than FSU though, is Clemson… NEVER bet on Clemson!

Colts -7 @ Chiefs. Even though Arrowhead is a tough place to play… especially for a rookie, I really just dont think the Chiefs care anymore. I think Luck goes in there and makes a statement. Colts -7

Rams +3 @ Buccaneers. Bucs are another another underrated team. Home game, against a yet another weak Rams team. I really like the Bucs by 3.

Browns +13 @ Denver: This is my favorite bet of the weekend. The Browns are a much better football team than almost anyone outside of Cleveland want to give them. Defense is solid, Trent Richardson is pounding the ball and Weedon is doing more than most of us would expect. I think Peyton will inevitably get the W at Mile High… but 13 is too many points. Browns +13.

5 – 3 – 1 on the year kids.

Merry Christmas!

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