Why R.A. Had to Go

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December 18, 2012 12:00 PM by Billy Heywood

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No one was a bigger R.A. advocate than me. He destroyed hitters this year and won the CY Young Award. He is a fan favorite and a class act. However, he is 37, and lets be honest: he wouldn’t do it again. And if he does, awesome, but it won’t be for us, or against us.

The Mets need young prospects. They are in the midst of rebuilding, and did the (W)right thing with the major resigning of David. They got help behind the plate, with Travis d’Arnaud and John Buck. Relief help with Syndergaard and outfielder Wuilmer Becerra all for the cheap price of Dickey, Thole and Nickeas.Lets be real. No matter how good or bad d’Arnaud is, Buck is a HUGE upgrade from Thole. Huge in a sense of a bucket of shit to a bucket of diarrhea. Thole was a decent fielding catcher, but couldn’t hit shit. Buck will be a decent starter, untill the Mets call up d’Arnaud in which Buck will get back to his natural backup catcher duties. Nickeas sucked, and we probably got a younger version of him in Wuilmer Becerra.

Syndergaard, d’Arnaud will help the Mets maybe this year, and could be a big addition next year. They won’t be studs until the Mets call them up and they get experience under their belts. If the Mets can go out and sign an outfielder like Michael Bourn, Cody Ross, or an utility guy like Mark DeRosa or Ryan Theriot, they would be in better shape.

Bringing the Mets back won’t happen overnight. When you don’t have a lot of money to throw around like the bitches in the Bronx, or the “phags” from Philadelphia, rewarding the face of the franchise when it comes time, and building up your farm system is your only option. So thank you R.A. You gave us Mets fans hope for the future with your performances and I wish you all the luck in Toronto.

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