They (J)ust (E)nded (T)he (S)eason

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December 18, 2012 9:34 AM by Billy Heywood

Jets Titans

If anyone wants me to do any odd jobs on Sunday’s this January I’m free because the Jets just took a shot at the playoffs and denied it…straight up. They looked at the situation, Cowboys beating the Steelers and Houston beating the Colts, and shot it to SHIT. Why God? WHY?! Sanchez needs to go away. Release him, trade him, kill him, whatever they need to do to have him never stand behind Nick Mangold or any center that is wearing a NYJ uniform again. Need to let McElroy and Tebow fight for that starting spot this week in practice, and let them both get time against SD and Buffalo. I will gladly trade away my first second or third round pick for a QB who knows what the fuck he is doing.

The defense played great except for 2 plays…the TD runs. Where was Bell and Laundry? They tried to go in for the kill by blitzing everyone when the Titans were on their 4 yard line and it completely backfired. No safetys back their and NO ONE is catching Chris Johnson. He looked like the CJ of old too. With that take off speed, no one is going to catch him in the open field. Who the fuck would think Jake Locker was a rushing QB? Not me. Jesus, the guy was escaping pressure and running WILD. That designed TD run? That’s how the Jets should have used Tebow. Other than those plays the defense really stuck it to them, and like I have been preaching since Pittsburgh back in week 2. It’s hard to stop the opposing offense, when your defense is on the field 45/60 minutes. When your offense can’t sustain a drive and give your defense a rest, they are prone to mistakes from fatigue.

Offensively, I didn’t know if I was watching the Jets, or the inside of a toilet bowl, because they both were hot, stinky, pieces of shit. Sanchez finally gets back to back 1st downs, I think the first time this whole season, and you put in Tebow? I loved the Tebow plays. but you don’t get Sanchez hot too often and using Tebow for Wildcat runs for back to back to back to back plays? Get your head out of your ass Sparano! Don’t give us Tebow because we want Tebow, give us Tebow because he’ll get you yards or a first down, or a touchdown? The Jets had a total of 254 yards…sickening.

The Sanchez picks were so off the Mark…get it?…woof. He overthrew his receivers on all but the 1st pick, which was a great snag by McCourtey. The other 3 were throw into double, triple, and quadruple coverage. Those passes were in really small windows, I don’t even think Brees, Brady, or Peyton Manning could sneak those in there. The fumble was just the icing on the cake for this season. No better way to end it than a Sanchez turnover. See you in Hell, Mark. Have fun starting another game as a Jet….whhhhich we all know he will because Woody Johnson, Mike Tannebaum and Rex will give him a 234524th chance to get a win. Why do I put myself in this agony?

Welp. The next two games really don’t matter. It’d be great to end the season 8-8, but, once again…these are the Jets we are talking about. So wouldn’t be surprised to see a 6-10 finish.Trade Revis for a 1st and 2nd Round pick and a decent QB, or the 1st and 2nd rounders for a decent QB like Hasselbeck, Kyle Orton, or Matt Moore. But, again, these are the Jets. So they will trade for a WR, draft 3 RB’s and a trade up for all 3…

When do the Mets start?


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