Substitute Teacher Getting Hooked Up With $7.4 Million in Gold

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December 18, 2012 1:45 PM by Billy Heywood

Gold Coins

Washington Post – A substitute teacher from California was found to be the only heir to a fortune of gold coins discovered by a cleaning crew in the home of a reclusive cousin who quietly stashed away a treasure of more than $7 million before he died this year.

A court hearing in Carson City is scheduled Tuesday, when a judge is expected to certify first cousin Arlene Magdanz as the lone heir to the treasure valued at $7.4 million found in the home of Walter Samaszko Jr., Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover told the Nevada Appeal.

Fuck Powerball man…What are the chances that this substitute teacher, probably making just short of 20 grand a year, has $7.4 million dollars in gold just waiting for him after his long lost cousin dies? Didn’t Adam Sandler write a movie about this? All this story needs to be true is a weird friend of the substitute teacher with crazy eyes.

Crazy eyes

You know what I’d do with $7.4 million dollars? Invest in real estate. I would live on $5,000 a month, if that, and live off the interest of my bank account after that. Untill then, I would wake up at 11am everyday, and do whatever the fuck I wanted.


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