I Can Not Wait to Get My Hands on Some Luv Shaq Vodka

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December 18, 2012 5:00 PM by Wade Blogs


NY Post – Shaquille O’Neal is launching his own line of vodka — sensationally titled “Luv Shaq.” The former NBA star plans to launch the brand early next year, and for all those barroom athletes, it is sugar- and gluten-free. We’re told Luv Shaq comes in coconut flavor, and the bottle features an image of O’Neal with giant wings. Drew Adelman, founder of Devotion Vodka, which is producing Shaq’s sauce, tells us it will directly compete with Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Ciroc, but at a “more competitive price.”

Here it is ladies and gents!  The thing I am looking forward to more than anything else in the world. If you do not think this will be my top bottle of choice every trip into the liquor store then you have something wrong with you. Sugar free? Gluten free?  I’ll be trimming the waste line and getting my swerve on.

The only adjustment I’d maybe like to see here is instead of Shaq with wings (which already sounds fucking awesome), if simply the picture of Shaq from the cover of Kazaam was on the bottle insteadOr maybe even get fancy and have it on the back part of the bottle so you’d have to look through the vodka to see it . Wouldn’t be able to keep those bottles on the shelves.

But remember readers: it’s 18 to come and 21 to swallow, 18 to chill and 21 to spill.


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