Blue Moon’s New Impulse, Proximity WineBeers

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December 12, 2012 1:15 PM by Smash

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Beer Pulse – Blue Moon Brewing Co. Brewmaster, Keith Villa, revealed a bunch of news items on a Google+ Hangout at the Great American Beer Festival.

The Vintage Ale Collection will return next month with new branding but will still be packaged in 750ml bottles. Villa made it sound as if both of the following beers will be released in November: Proximity, a wheat ale brewed with “the juice of Sauvignon Blanc grapes,” and Impulse, a wheat ale brewed with “the juice of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.” Villa describes the flavor as “sparkling chardonnay with a hint of beer.”

Beer wine? Wine beer? Gold jacket, green jacket who gives a shit. I’ve never had either of these but all this sounds like is the makings of the worst hangover possible. Pretty sure this is how hangovers breakdown:

Drink lots of beer: average hangover. Crush a Gatorade and some food, you’re back on your feet.

Drink lots of liquor: Basically out of commission for a while. No matter how much you eat or drink, you’re hurting all day.

Drink lots of wine: Might as well just rule out anything you’re going to do the next day cause your brain won’t work. Headache is an understatement. I’d rather sprint 100 feet in a 90 foot gym head first than have a wine hangover. Pure hell.

So what would happen if you drink something that has BOTH? If you drink enough of those in a night, you better not have plans the next day. You’re gonna be a zombie. Pure fact right there.

Also, there’s no way this can taste good, right? Sounds absolutely terrible. With that being said, I’m obviously buying both of them next time I go to the store.


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