Nine Year Old Drops 66 Pounds

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December 11, 2012 9:15 AM by Wade Blogs

Fat kid

Fox News – A 9-year-old California girl lost 66 pounds after her excessive weight made her a target for bullies, ABC News reported.

Breanna Bond weighed 186 pounds, and she said the extra weight made moving around difficult.

“Everybody at school would call me names,” Breanna told ABC News. “They would call me fatty, they would call me fat head.”

Breanna’s mother, Heidi Bond, of Clovis, Calif., who appeared on Good Morning America Monday, decided her daughter needed a new, healthy lifestyle – so she created an exercise plan for the entire family, including a four-mile walk on a nearby trail.

Breanna also started using the family treadmill for 1 ½ hours each day, in addition to playing basketball and joining the swim team.

She limits her fat intake to 20 grams a day.

“She is an inspiration to the world, and all children who are having weight issues across America,” Bond said.

So I just saw this now. I don’t care if it is on every blog and news channel…9 years old and weighing 186lbs is a crime and the parents should be thrown in jail when they allow things to balloon out of hand. In my eyes this is as bad as beating a child, not to belittle that crime at all. But DAMMMN! Homegirl at age 9 weighed more than me as a sophomore in college and I’m above 6’2! Get her a helmet and pads, she can play O-Line for the Jets!

But good for this girl, seriously. I really hope she becomes a model on pure hard work. If I’m little Johnny on the playground I buy this stock at penny stock low. Make her a Valentine’s Day card, dance with her at the dance but don’t get too close, you need her still have the hunger to loss weight. So in the event she loses weight and becomes a smokeshow (a la Reece Witherspoon’s character in Four Christmases) you have a leg to stand on.

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