Gamblers Corner: December 7th

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December 7, 2012 3:37 PM by TeddyKGB


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the crazy world of Teddy KGB. Yes, you may recognize that my alter-ego is from the great film, Rounders. You may also ask, “Wasn’t KGB a poker player?” Well yes, he was. But let’s be honest. If you are running a shady, illegal poker room in New York City, you know the guys is taking bets too.

This whole idea came from listening to ESPN radio. I a spend a lot of time driving for work, so I am often listening to sports radio. Mike & Mike have their “Stone Cold, Lead Pipe Locks,” Colin Coherd has his “Blazing 5” picks of the week, and SVP & Russillo have their “Winners” segment. While I often listen to these segments and will concur with their picks from time to time, I am picking them because I like them, not because they did.

Note: as an added bonus, Colin does a segment, “Wiser guys” where he brings‘s RJ Bell (@RJinVegas) to go over his picks and see what the Vegas wise guys are picking as compared to Colin’s. I love it, because lets be honest, those guys are putting thousands on these games and really know their stuff.

I’ll begin with a little about what this segment will be all about. I’m not going to go into everything since I’ll need to have something else to talk about in the future…but:

1. I am actually making these bets. I won’t say for how much or where I’m making these wagers, but just know that I do have stake in them and am not just flipping coins.

2. To quote a recent tweet from Colin Coherd today:

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 3.23.51 PM

So, don’t ever blame me, your friends or the casino for your losses. Its called gambling
for a reason.

3. I will be betting NFL, NCAAF & NCAABB 90%+ of the time. I don’t watch much NBA, baseball in general has too many variables in my opinion to bet, hockey…well you know that story and others just don’t get much of my viewing time.

Every so often, I will also throw in some betting rules/tips/advice to help you beat the house.

Today’s tip is this:

Track your bets. Of course anyone can get lucky and make one big bet and make more money in a day than me or anyone else, but in the long run, you will almost always find the house winning. Make a spreadsheet, use an app or a website (I use Sharp Bet Tracker for example). Doing this will make you see trends, where you are hot and not, what bet types are making or breaking you, etc.

My record since this September against the spread is 85-71-8. (54.5%) Take that however you will, all I’ll tell you is that I am up overall on the year.

So here we go! Teddy KGB’s top 5 bets for 12/7 to 12/10!

Navy -7 @ Army. I’m not usually one to bet dog shit games, but Army is BAD. Have been for a while. Navy isn’t any sort of powerhouse by any means, but Army has TWO wins on the season. Swallow the 7 points and take Navy.

Ravens +3 @ Baltimore. Everyone has a boner for RGIII right now with their big win against the Giants on primetime last week. I think the skins are good and will challenge the NFC East race…but everyone does realize that this is still a 6-6 team…right? Yes, the defense is beat up, but the Ravens need to get back on track and are getting 3 points. Take the Ravens and +3 all day.

Bears -3 @ Vikings. Huge rival game in the dome against a banged up Bears team. AP is on fire, and the last several weeks the bears D hasn’t been scoring all the touchdowns, and guess what, they have been sucking. A home rival team getting 3? I’ll take that every time.

Celtics -1.5 @ 76ers. I rarely bet the NBA, but I like the Celtics on a Friday night at 7pm on ESPN
to go into Philly and beat them up. Swallow the 1.5 and bet the C’s.

Chiefs +6.5 @ Browns. Browns favored by over a touchdown? Is hell frozen? Well fuck it, I’m going with the BROWNIES anyway! The Chiefs keep getting worse, the murder-suicide last week and going into an always hostile Cleveland Browns Stadium to face a team that I honestly think improves every week. I’m sure I’m going against the grain, but I’m taking the Browns.

See you next week,

-Teddy KGB

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