Company Holiday Party: Date or Solo?

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December 6, 2012 10:15 AM by Wade Blogs

The Office Christmas Party

It’s unfortunately that time of year again where I am a single man and everything is meant for couples. It’s almost like Valentine’s Day but most people are apathetic about that and I laugh.

Anyways, I’m single and I am debating once again: do I bring a date to the company Christmas party? I work with a lot of dudes and the women I do work with make your elementary school librarian look young…

Do I try to bring the flavor of the week I met out to this shindig and play off the emotion I like her more than I do from the get go? She could be great or she could embarrass the hell out of me.


Do I ride stag (why is it called that?) aka solo. I can hope their are some single ladies there but more likely I’ll be the only dateless guy their and I have to explain why.


I bring a friend of mine and play it off like we are dating. Which could backfire and force us to kiss which may ultimately ruin our friendship.

Not going isn’t an option. You don’t NOT go to your office party, especially when it’s an open bar.

I have 10 days to find someone…what’s the play here?


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