2013 New York Mets Alternate Uniforms

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December 6, 2012 9:15 AM by Smash

Mets Alternate Jersey

Mets Alternate Hat

The Mets debuted these as the new alternate jerseys/hats for the 2013 season. I gotta say, I don’t mind them. As long as there is no hint of black in them, they’re fine by me. The more I look at the hat, the more I like it. It does feel a little high minor league like, but anything is better than the black uniforms.

Speaking of the black uniforms, lets go back and revisit how God awful some of the past Mets jerseys have been.

The all black combo:

Mets All black

I hated this things ever since they brought them into the rotation (alright, I liked them for a little bit). Lets see: royal blue, orange, and black. Yeah good combo. One of the worst jerseys in the MLB.

The black & blue combo:

Black & blue

This shit was worse than the all black. At least it had somewhat of an “intimidating” factor. The black and blue hat was horrific.

These helmets:

DWright Helmet

Besides that one being oversized as fuck for David Wright’s concussion, the Mets refused to give these up. I remember almost the entire League had this style of helmet but what did the Mets do? Keep using them years after every other team went back to basics. Just had to use those shiny, ugly pieces of shit.

The Mercury Mets

Mercury MetsMM front

MM back
Was this the MLB’s way of trying to be “hip” or something? Can’t think of any reason why these would even be considered. The fact that someone had to approve these is mind boggling. Surprised the Mets didn’t continue to wear these.

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