The Batman Trilogy is Officially Out

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December 4, 2012 11:35 AM by Smash


Call me what you want, but I am fucking excited as all hell for this. Hands down the best trilogy ever made. Yes, it’s obviously better than Star Wars.

I need to own this like you wouldn’t believe. I would buy a Blu-Ray player just to watch these. Give me serious surround sound, HD tv, and snacks on snacks. Would plant my ass on the couch ALL DAY and bang out all 3 in one day.

Alright, lets briefly break down each movie:

Batman Begins: Very different from what we’ve seen in past Batman movies. A little slower in the beginning but does a great job setting up the rest of the flicks. Scarecrow is kind of weak but all in all, a good start to the series. Trilogy rank: 3.

The Dark Knight: The best one of the three. I may or may not have seen this three times in theaters. IMAX, regular theater, drive in theater. Boom, that’s how it’s done fuckers. Seriously, Heath Ledger absolutely CRUSHED the Joker. The only thing I can criticize The Dark Knight for is the ridiculous voice Christian Bale used. It was like he went through puberty all over again. Trilogy rank: 1.

The Dark Knight Rises: Was definitely a contender to take the throne for number one in the series. Bane was such a badass. Gotta say, the twist at the end and the very end got me realllll good. Fuckin’ top notch flick. Trilogy rank: 2.

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