Son of Sex Researcher Guilty of Whackin It in Central Park

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December 4, 2012 9:46 AM by Smash


Huffington Post –  The 60-year-old son of sex research pioneer Dr. William H. Masters has admitted masturbating in Central Park.

William H. Masters III pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor public lewdness. He was arrested in May after a New York police officer reported seeing him expose his genitals and masturbate.

Masters avoids jail time. But if the Southampton resident gets arrested again he’ll face up to 90 days in jail.

Masters also is charged with exposing himself to a sheriff’s deputy and another woman on a Michigan river in September. That case is pending.

Masters’ father was part of the Masters and Johnson sex research team. He and Virginia Johnson conducted interviews and observed sex acts. They wrote the 1966 best-seller “Human Sexual Response.”

I will never understand these people. Whipping out their meat stick and start going at it in public. Are these the type of people that get off on possibly getting caught? Like the couples that bang in public for that sole reason? Shit just never made sense to me.

I have a feeling this guy just figured it was ok. “Hey, dad got to watch people have sex, so now people are gonna watch me play with my wiener!”

You’re 60 years old, bud. What about your bedroom and a moist towel? Shut the door, go to town, and boom, win-win for everyone.

In the future, maybe try one of these? Seems like it would do a pretty good job:

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